We implement continuous improvement along the whole production chain to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Our proposal at FABA is to stress the benefits arising from marketing and consuming food from production systems that ensure distinctive, significant and measurable animal welfare attributes in an environmental sustainability context. We design and evaluate projects from a comprehensive perspective whereby sustainability and a balance between the social, economic (productive), and environmental variables are the drivers for development.

On this premise, we get involved and boost the promotion, design and implementation of strategic axes that help sustainably strengthen value addition at origin in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. We act as facilitators for the attainment of the strategic objectives and goals of the organizations that are aligned with and committed to social capital, environmental protection, and territorial development.

Our success stories are the result of a collective effort and of our day-to-day work and commitment to assisting and strengthening public and private organizations to achieve sustainable development with equity within territorial production clusters.